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The many who claimed to be Christians were less hospitable than this man who said he was not a believer, but he was more kind to me than those who said that they were.

Sharing Your Faith 101

I know many profess faith in God but how many truly possess faith in Him? That is, how many actually have living fruit showing their conversion. Here was a self-proclaimed unbeliever, yet he gave me a cold drink of water. I pray for that man and I still think of him from time to time. Wow Jack. I hope that man accepts Jesus as his Savior. I have no doubt in my mind that he thinks of your visit and message of our Lord. Thank you for this article, it was very reassuring and challenging. As part of my internship I am doing Community Outreach and have really felt in my heart that I need to meet the neighbours in this small community.

My biggest question is how to follow up. Is it appropriate to go back and ask how they are doing?

Give to Where Most Needed

Will it invade their privacy too much? Should I just pray that they connect with us on sunday? Once again thank you for all that you are doing, I pray that God will bless your life and ministry! Hello Alicia. I do not believe in follow up for one reason primarily.

Sharing Your Faith 101

God alone is the one who draws men to Christ John The Holy Spirit convicts people of their sin and brings repentance. To follow up may seem like we are doubting the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, the Bible that you gave out in the Gospel of John. I see no where in the New Testament where they, even once, followed up after evangelizing.

I am thankful to God that there are men and women of faith like you who are taking seriously the Great Commission give 5 times by Christ in His imperative command. Only 1 in 20 actively share their faith with the lost. Simbarashe P. Thank you Simbarashe for your comment. It is not possible to present the gospel without offending some. People will be offended but you still must repent it anyway. A faithful witness must do this: he or she will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Here is more on how to share your faith with family but it also applies to friends, co-workers, and strangers so read this:.

It is my prayer that God should bless your generation with the good work you are doing and you will gain strength in your entire life. God will richly bless you. I love to preach de gospel course mate ,frien and but i dont have enough bible verses which talks about repentance and salvation so am also short of words. Thank you my friend. For more on what Bible verses to use, please visit this link at:. Wow Pastor Jack!

Servant Evangelism (aka Service Evangelism)

As you know I have been struggling of late. Wondering what I should do to reach my brother. I sent this and many other emails in the last few days. God bless you Pastor Jack for being my friend! I look forward to seeing you some very fine bright shining day be it here on earth or in Heaven.

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Love, Patty T. Hi Patty my sister in Christ. Prayer might be the most powerful thing we can do. Thank you so much my Brother in Christ. Pastor Jack you are so dear to me.

I believe strongly in speaking out. Much love, Sis Patty T. These are excellent tips. However, someone should seriously proofread this article and correct the numerous typos. This would make the article much more professional looking and most likely will be taken more seriously.

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  4. Here you go Pastor Jack. I use a spelling checker, grammar checker, and readability scale to edit all documents.

    My word processor is Word. You may have another? Broken Hearts for the Lost Here is a sobering fact. Almost , people die every day, nearly 30, die every hour, and approximately die every minute. Learning from Mistakes People learn more from their mistakes than their failures so I am offering you my mistake-laden advice free of charge in what was costly to me. Believing in Jesus is not just believing [does not just believe] Who He is. How to Be Saved. There is no other way that a person can be saved.

    Thanks my sister in Christ. I have made the changes and you are a very loved friend…always my Barnabas and I thank God for you PattyG. You are quite welcome.


    Evangelism Basics: Handing Out Gospel Tracts - Combating Unbelief

    I am just an email a way if you need my help. I make a good set of eyes for review. Gladden my heart to come across this site, helpful very educative. Thanks God richly bless you. Great article! Reading your article has really encouraged me. So awesome…wished you could go with me as I have trouble finding someone else to go with me door to door but we can go alone if need be. Include a link to an online gospel tract e. An email signature is a piece of customizable HTML or text that most email applications will allow you to add to all your outgoing emails.

    For example, it commonly contains name and contact details — but it could also of course contain a link to a gospel tract.

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    Great idea Henry. I do this. I use my sig. My email address itself is one that proclaims a simple Biblical topical message as a testimony of my faith to all who see it. God has commanded us to love our neighbor? Who is your neighbor? I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I found it to be very helpful. Can I use the information in this article on a website that I am making for those in my church on how to go door to door?

    I am learning how myself so I can do it in the near future. Thank you Bryant for the encouragement sir. I believe if you put the introduction and perhaps part of the first paragraph and then put the link to the article for this website, that would be fine sir since this is copyrighted material but I believe we should share this vital information and by the way, thank you for even asking.

    Most people, even professing Christians, often do not even ask and they copy and paste the articles without permission and some even take credit by putting their own name on it, amazing for someone who calls themselves Christian so you asking is strong evidence that you want to do the right thing sir.

    May God richly bless your evangelism outreach in your community. I am from Malaysia. I am led to witness for God recently and am burdened with this mission. God led me to your wonderful training column which I have been blessed. Thank you Ruth.