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Must not a sad catastrophe follow? From the beginning, they have claimed that their " Message " is to gather out just the , of Eev. Then the end will come. But they now have , As they are gaining now, two or three years more will com- plete the number wanted. Then what?

In Defense of the Faith-WHO CHANGED THE SABBATH?

Another issue confronts them : A younger generation is arising in the Church, better educated, more intelligent, more cultured, and more tolerant towards other Churches. These are steadily, but surely, adopting the manners and methods of the older Churches.

These young men are beginning quietly to discount Mrs. White, and do a little in- dependent thinking for themselves. Will these be strong enough to leaven the body, or will they split the Church on some new issue now that Mrs. White is dead? After I left them, naturally, my Advent breth- ren expected that the frown of God would follow me for opposing their "message. But the fact is that at the age of seventy-five I am in perfect health, have the same strong faith and hope in God as ever.

Financially am better off than ever before. As to my mental conditions let these pages answer.

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I have outlived nearly all the Advent ministers who labored with me. Elder White died at the early age of sixty ; one of my age, with whom I labored, died some years ago insane ; another companion-laborer was killed in the cars ; an- other was drowned ; and many more died very young. Had any of this happened to me it would have been reported as the judgment of God.

I firmly believe it that way. Every page of this work has been written with earnest prayer that the tender spirit of the Master may breathe through it all. None of us is infal- lible. All are liable to make mistakes. Hence, we need to be charitable towards those who have the misfortune to be misled.

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Contents I. Seventh-Day Adventism — What? White their prophetess— Set Oct. White commands them to keep Sunday — Sunday laws do not affect religious liberty — Affects civil liberty only— Illustrated — They use worldly political methods. Schaff — Admissions of Adventists themselves — No heathen nation ever kept Sunday — Lord's Day did not originate with pagans, but with Christians. The Papacy and the Lord's Day. The Mark of the Beast — What is It? TO know Adventism better than Adventists know it themselves!

That is no small claim, and the reader must judge as to whether this claim is made good. I believe in, and love, the doctrine of the Second Advent of Christ, and with many others, hope it is near. I only wish to guard against false theories concerning it.

Having spent twenty-eight years of the best of my life among a people who initiated this form of faith, or have espoused it, and having given my serv- ices to them and for them for that period of time, I may modestly claim that I may be credited with a knowledge of that whereof I speak. For a full account of this peculiar tenet of faith, and for an answer to the arguments of its advocates from the Bible, see my other book, as announced on the front page.

The facts concisely stated in this chapter may all be found in full in books bearing the imprimatur of Seventh-Day Adventism itself. White, and their Year Book for any year. All these may be ordered from Adventist publishing houses. They are ensamples in the great sacrifices they cheerfully make for their faith, and in their zeal for what they firmly believe to be the only message for this generation. Among them I have many good friends. Their mistaken views, their excessive zeal for these views, and their general condemnation of others for not accepting them, largely counteracts the good they otherwise might do.

These things, and some of the methods they employ in promul- gating their doctrines, lead them to become very annoying to other Christians equally as devoted as themselves. I am sorry to say that, unknown to the great majority of their own people, their leaders have dissembled with regard to their past mistakes and their reliance upon Mrs. White's " inspiration. While they hold and teach the fundamentals of Christian doctrines, with these they mix a large number of errors. These erroneous theories they make the most prominent in their work, urging them as the present test of acceptance with God.

This does great harm. It is only these false teach- ings which I wish to answer. They base their spe- cial " message " upon their own peculiar interpre- tation of different lines of symbolical prophecies, with which no other expositors agree. From the first, Mrs. White has been held as a prophetess and all her writings and teachings are regarded just as divinely inspired as the prophets of the Bible. Publicly, they try to soften this, but, privately, teach it strongly. No minister or editor is tolerated among them who questions it. To their own people they quote her as " inspiration," as the " voice of the Lord," on everything they wish to carry through, because she always has a ready revelation to fit that case.

In their church papers she is quoted far more than the Bible. It says : " Kead carefully the following writr ten hy the pen of inspiration P Then follows a quota- tion from Mrs. Again : "As with the ancient prophets, the talking is done by the Holy Spirit throicgh her vocal organs. The prophets spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost — 2 Peter i. She, herself, all through her writings, hundreds of times, makes the same claim. Hear her : " It is God, and not an erring mortal, that has spoken. Eddy to Christian Science. If you become a Seventh-Day Adventist, sooner or later, you will have to accept Mrs.

Ill, p. She has written twenty volumes. They push the sale of these in every possible way, through their papers, catalogues, by ministers, canvassers, col- porteurs, etc. But they have not one single person specially convassing or working to sell Bibles. This is significant. During the past year many, both ministers and laymen, have been expelled from this Church be- cause they refused to accept Mrs. White's Testi- monies as inspired revelations. For the same reason many Churches have been disbanded to get rid of these unbelievers in Mrs.

White who could not be excommunicated any other way.

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Two papers are now published by these "Castouts. White's Testimonies. This includes many of their most talented ministers, editors, writers, college professors, physicians, and business managers. I could fill several pages with simply a list of their names. Every year sees new ones added to the list. Ten years hence some, who are now promi- nent in that Church, will be outside and opposing it, judging from the past.

Many who have no real faith in Mrs. White's inspiration are held there by official position, faith in other parts of the doc- trines, and dread of religious ostracism by their old associates. I have been there and know. Miller, an old, uneducated farmer, a sincere Christian, but a visionary.

Of him the " Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia " says : " Limited in his educational advantages, and a farmer by occu- pation, he yet pretended to interpret prophecy. Miller, a fanatical student who put the Second Advent of Christ in the year Adventists themselves are ashamed of it ; yet that was their origin.

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Miller rejected all Biblical commentaries, simply took the Bible and wholly relied upon his own unaided views of it. He decided that all prophetic periods would end in A chart was prepared with all dates ending there, all signs fulfilled then.

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Adventists themselves have proved Miller un- reliable because they find many prophecies not fulfilled even now, while he taught positively that all were fulfilled in Soon a number of ministers joined him in preach- ing that set time. Quite a number were converted to that view. But passed, and, of course, their predictions all failed. Learning nothing by this, the Adventists next set October 22, , for the end of the world. Several hundreds went out " lecturing " on that " time. Everywhere it was regarded as a re- ligious freak and is still so regarded.

ruptbulvoza.ml Possibly forty or fifty thousand in all, for a period, favored that set time. As they came near the day, great enthusiasm prevailed.