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Austin, Texas is our wonderful home. However, we all know what this city is and has been to each of us and that we choose to be here for so many different reasons. Recently, our amazing artists from the streets of Austin took on the challenge of interpreting the topic of living in this city and what that looks and feels like to them.

The colorful, dynamic and unique responses were as varied as all of the things that make Austin so very Austin.

Local housing regulations driving New York’s homeless population: White House

In our Special Collection: Austin Through Our Eyes , we offer exhibition-quality prints of that beautiful body of work. Your patronage fulfills an obvious financial need and also an even more valuable emotional need that helps build a path to self-determination for our remarkable artists.

I like landscapes, they come intuitively to me.

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I like a lot of distance in my paintings, View full product details. Changes the day and makes things happy.

Read e-book The Curb and I: The Art of the Homeless

We need to see the joy and happiness in the art It illuminates. It allows people to go toward their aspiration even if for a short time. It gives people a I am on my way!

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  4. I like having space to do my artwork and learn different types of art and develop different Creation of art is that proof. I enjoy passing my work to others for their own inspiration. I enjoy creating.

    I saw that he was serious about his work. I thought I had some ability and decided to check it out. AFTS means helping out people who are down on their luck, who need incentive to keep creating. We will review this report.

    Art as Advocacy: A Conversation with David Blumenkrantz

    Catherine Trapani, executive director of the Homeless Services United, a coalition of non-profit agencies serving homeless and at-risk adults and families in the Big Apple, expressed skepticism of the study. George] Pataki and we lost regulated units — homelessness soared.


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