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Added to Your Shopping Bag. A smiling skull rises like a monument atop a black lacquered wooden coffret, illuminating a display of grim magnificence.

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True luxury should last a lifetime, and as such, all by KILIAN fragrance flacons are designed to be refilledBlack Phantom Eau de Parfum opens with an accord of Shin Shin — that fiery drink of strong coffee laced with Caribbean rum that was quaffed by the old pirate kings. The aromatic bitterness of the coffee is enhanced by the earthy warmth of vetiver from Java. Females will have a definite red tint to the fins and even the body, which is fuller than the males.

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Prior to spawning, the mating pair should be conditioned with small live foods, such as mosquito larvae. Once placed in the breeding tank, keep feeding to a minimum. Trigger spawning by lowering the pH to 5. Peat filtration is the best method to achieve the desired water parameters. Males will engage in an elaborate courtship display that ends with the female releasing up to eggs.

Once the eggs have been laid, remove the breeding pair from the tank. Feed every few hours with very small commercially prepared fry food or freshly hatched brine shrimp. After 10 days, you can feed them finely crushed flake foods. Perform water changes at least once a week.

Black Phantom Tetras do very well with other Tetra species, and their relatively drab colors make some of the more spectacular species "pop. Read More.


MU Legend: Pre-Registration Begins for the Black Phantom

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