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Some safewords are used to stop the scene outright, while others can communicate a willingness to continue, but at a reduced level of intensity. Safewords are usually agreed upon before playing a scene by all participants, and many organized BDSM groups have standard safewords that all members agree to use to avoid confusion at organized play events. Safewords are generally used by those whose practice of BDSM falls under the guiding philosophy of safe, sane and consensual.

Those who practice the more permissive philosophy of risk-aware consensual kink may abandon the use of safewords, especially those that practice forms of edgeplay or extreme forms of dominance and submission. In such cases, the choice to give up the use of safewords is a consensual act on the part of the bottom or submissive. Song lyrics by safeword -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by safeword on the Lyrics. Word in Definition. Wiktionary 0.

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Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. They met in high school and both later went to the Culinary Institute of America. After they jointly opened an eventually successful restaurant, Lauren decided to stop cooking and now works as a customer service specialist for a tech company while Micah is the chef and runs the restaurant.

Lauren comes in contact with their loquacious neighbor, the Jewish year-old Chris, a genderqueer nurse practitioner whose partner of seven years is the year-old Jewish African-American Xavier who has had a long career as a professional dominant. Did you get all of this? The first hour of the minutes is heavy on exposition.

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Lauren arranges a dinner party for the two couples after befriending Chris. He craves degradation from a stranger in a controlled environment.

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There is a choppy confession of being stressed out and that he believes that these activities will strengthen him and save his strained marriage. The Showtime series Billions features a main character who is matter-of-factly a submissive.

These works offer far more insight, depth and allure than safeword. The old chestnut of a nice young couple menaced by seemingly well-meaning neighbors yarn oddly plays out in this overblown production. Besides being aghast when finding all of this out, Lauren is taken aback by the cost of it.

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This act is meant to be eerie but becomes comical. With their cheery speech patterns, animated presence and passionate sincerity, Maybe Burke is outstanding as Chris.

Whether glowering or anguished, Joe Chisholm as Micah makes the most of this underdeveloped pivotal role with his appealing everyman qualities. The quietly charismatic Jimmy Brooks is a believable and sympathetic Xavier. Traci Elaine Lee is delightfully plucky as Lauren.


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That serves her well when she has to parade around in dominatrix gear for what is intended as a serious turning point but is instead laughable. Lee confidently sails on.

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Painted scrims indicate a metropolis engulfing the residences with their gray, black and white decor and ominous playroom on an upper level.