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He shook his head to try and clear his mind of these preoccupations, these nagging and unsettling worries of his and he tried hard to concentrate on the day's work before him.

Throughout the morning, however, and despite his best efforts to remain fixated on his work - routine and boring though it was - these thoughts of his would keep returning to distract him. Am I unhappy? Heretical thought! They come after We are simply not expected or allowed to be otherwise. Our world is totally dedicated to being happy, to having our senses pleasantly stimulated and all our desires satisfied however and whenever we want.

And I have consumed virtual and real pleasures every day of my life… and thoroughly enjoyed them too, just like the rest of them… so what is happening to me? Unfortunately for Ruskin, one of his colleagues from floor , a relative newcomer and someone he barely knew, but who nevertheless recognised him, sat down opposite on the way home and determinedly began a conversation with him.

He was not, and never would be, in the least bit interested in either the opinions or experiences of others: he just craved a passive audience, clearly. In GlobeSoc this sort of tittle-tattle was the very stuff of social intercourse, it facilitated the opening of conversations, it oiled the engine, so to speak, of idle conversation and it even helped to set the social agenda and evidently made many people feel good, in a vicarious sort of way.

As his fellow-traveller droned on and on, however, Ruskin reflected that people often became quite passionate about this sort of trivia, it helped them, seemingly, to emote and relate to others in the otherwise slightly stilted and unemotional world of public encounters. Some, he knew from bitter experience of the occasional dinner parties he hosted, carried these pre-occupations and absorptions over into their private lives, but in the main it served as a public language and form of discourse - ready-made for people to cope with meeting and relating to strangers in the public domain of GlobeSoc.

Thankfully for Ruskin, his less than boon companion soon alighted and with a cheery wave, after what he evidently regarded had been a thoroughly enjoyable and even meaningful conversation, he soon became lost in the crowd of other commuters. Ruskin sighed long and low and snuggled down in his seat for the remainder of the journey to his North London apartment, steadfastly avoiding any further eye contact with the other passengers close by him. He let his head lean sideways on his left shoulder, feigning sleep, and through narrowed eyelids looked dreamily out of the window at the passing urban scenery as it flashed kaleidoscopically by.

He did not pay it much attention though, for he was soon alone again with his inchoate and troubling thoughts. His front door recognised him through its retinal scanner and let him in to the sound of softly playing mood music. What can I do? Good evening, Benjamin, soothed the seductively pitched female voice, have you had a good day at the Institute? I do hope so… You have been in now for 13 minutes and 32 seconds and have neither given me your instructions regarding your evening meal nor cancelled it because you are going out… Is everything well, Benjamin?

Thank you, Magdalena, Ruskin replied, slowly but reluctantly coming out of his reverie. Initially, his choice of Magdalena had made him feel in charge, because she simpered and cooed and flattered his ego, but as of now, as he lay staring at the ceiling, he realised that his sense of control was all an illusion and that it was all part of the artful programming, of course. Would you like me to record some exotic sex scenes from the video wall while you are out, Benjamin?

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For some reason, part of his deepening malaise he supposed, Ruskin was in no mood for either masturbatory sex courtesy of the video wall or copulating with one of the various - beautifully designed for every sexual taste and orientation, he had to admit - transgenic subspecies of Voluptuaries whose sole function, in their relatively short life span, was to provide sex, on call, for the higher and intermediary castes. Just remember, Benjamin, what our Founders have taught us - Everything that is at all possible to do should by all possible means be done!

The evening was cool and mild as usual, it being the beginning of the New Year, so Ruskin decided to take the travelators and the walkways rather than hire a hovertaxi or go via the metro, and besides he had no clear or definite idea as to where he was going. In these latitudes of GlobeSoc there were only really two seasons as far as the climate was concerned: a prolonged hot, occasionally wet and very humid one the summer and a milder and relatively drier one the winter , with a weaker sun and fewer hours of sunlight.

Modest gales at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes provided a vestigial hint or remembrance of former seasons but, in truth, they were now nothing more than a prelude to or a rallentando out of one or the other of the two major seasons. Like most people, Ruskin detested the drenching summer humidity - always at its worst at night - and savoured these darker, but far more tolerable winter evenings.

An hour later, without any plan or purpose in mind, Ruskin found himself walking round one of the numerous complexes provided by EntsCorp, the global entertainments corporation.

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But he was not in the mood for them tonight. A Primworld, or primate or primitive world - the origin of the term now being lost in time - each covering a very extensive area of enclosed land, forests and water features, is located in every one of the mega-centres of population in GlobeSoc. The purpose of this facsimile of primitive human existence is twofold: firstly, it is meant to provide a chilling, but at the same time, slightly comedic and entertaining reminder of where the human race has come from and where, but for the pioneering work of the late 20th century and early 21st century molecular biologists and geneticists, it would have remained genetically speaking at least for aeons to come.

Secondly, it was an occasional dumping ground for any rare 24th century human who, for one reason or another, transgressed against the system. There should not have been any of course, not with such a finely-honed system of genetic control and social order in place, but once or perhaps twice a decade, after a spectacularly staged show-case trial on global video - the only time, in fact, when something approaching a legal process came into being, there being no formal criminal justice system at all - a high caste or intermediary type, it was usually one of them, was thrown into Primworld with all its diseases and accidents and discomfort.

Moderns, then, can go and see and laugh or recoil at Primworld men and women, living out their dirty and scrofulous lives, at a whim and as an alternative, say, to watching holographic re-enactments of famous battles from the past or fictional scenes of gore and brutality from some futuristic fantasy world. It does not tend, routinely, to be a particularly big attraction, this Primworld, not with so many other garish distractions around and about, but when a Primworld woman is about to give birth - always a crowd-puller that one - the onset of the viviparous birth is relayed all round the massive EntsCorp facility and the crowds flock to see this disgusting and archaic spectacle.

Simply naming these emotions as they arise is a way to gain some distance from them. A blend of support, community, connection and accountability helps offset our shared impulse to stop noticing, push away discomfort, and revert to survival behaviors in the face of perceived threats to our value. A good starting place is to find a colleague you trust to be your accountability partner, and to seek regular feedback from one another. A deceptively simple premise lies at the heart of this deliberate set of practices: see more to be more.

Rather than simply getting better at what they already do, transformational leaders balance courage and humility in order to grow and develop every day. Become a fan of The Energy Project on Facebook. Tony Schwartz Emily Pines. Observing your responses is the first step to improving.

Executive Summary All leaders have two selves. Related Topics:. Partner Center.

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In the case of the pencil in water, our perceptual representation of the pencil is veridical in many respects: we get the colour of the pencil right, its texture, some aspects of its shape etc. Our illusion is limited to misrepresenting the pencil as bent and perhaps misrepresenting the submerged half of the pencil as larger than the half above water. This is quite different to the kind of misrepresentation entailed by an illusion model of the self. On that model, we are radically wrong about the self.

According to our self-representations, the self is an immaterial, undetermined entity with essential behavioural dispositions, but the referent of these representations is really a material entity, bound by determinate laws and lacking in essential behavioural dispositions.


Friendship, Robots, and Social Media: False Friends and Second Selves

But if this entity diverges so dramatically from our self-representations, what sense can be made of the claim that this entity is the referent our self-representations? You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. Dickens The second argument that VST theorists might deploy to rule out the illusion model draws on the idea that certain properties are essential to an entity being a self.

Once one has conceded that there is no entity with those properties, one must accept that there are no selves. If, for example, it is taken to be essential to selves that they are the enduring bearers of conscious experience across time, this would count against the illusion model—it would render it unintelligible for one to claim that although we represent the self as an enduring bearer of experience it actually is not.

By claiming that the object of self-representation lacks a feature essential to something being a self, the advocate of the illusion model is forced to concede that this object is not a self after all. The problem with this line of argument is that it is very hard to establish what the essential properties of the self are. Even if we grant that the self appears to be the enduring bearer of conscious experience across time, for instance, why should we grant the stronger claim that this is essential to something being a self?

According to the illusion model, many of the properties we represent the self to have are misattributed. Perhaps the illusion model can go further and claim we even misrepresent the modal status of those properties, so certain properties seem to be essential to the self that are actually only contingent. Overall, an appeal to essential properties is unlikely to have the dialectical traction needed to rule out the illusion model.

When presented with two competing hypotheses, each equally capable of explaining the data, we should prefer whichever hypothesis is the most parsimonious. Both the illusion model and hallucination model are able to accommodate the mismatches between the appearance of the self and reality. However, the illusion model posits selves where the hallucination model does not. Consequently, the hallucination model is the more parsimonious model so is to be preferred. So although the illusion model is a logically possible explanation of the facts, an inference to the best explanation clearly favours the hallucination model.

The problem with this argument is that there is more to explanatory parsimony than minimising the number of entities one posits.

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When compared under a different frame of reference, it is actually the hallucination model that comes out as more explanatorily profligate. The explanatory task is to account for certain established mismatches between self-representations and reality.

The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)

The data shows or so we are granting that at least some of our representations of the self are non-veridical. The illusion model explains this by claiming that just these self-representations are non-veridical because we are subject to particular illusions about the nature of the self. This is quite consistent with the possibility that other self-representations are veridical, including our representations of the self as existing.

In contrast, the hallucination model explains the particular established mismatches by claiming that all self-representations are non-veridical.

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Since the self does not exist, every one of our self-attributions is false.