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In addition, the new code introduces a series of important amendments that will reinforce the work of the Ethics Committee and help FIFA safeguard the integrity and reputation of football worldwide.

Westhavelland Nature Park Named The First International Dark Sky Reserve in Germany

This includes, for instance, and as mentioned above, a clear and strong message against any form of match manipulation, which will now be sanctioned with a minimum suspension of five years as well as a minimum fine of CHF , It also includes the introduction of the plea bargain procedure, which will enable a faster handling of matters. The revision was initiated with the intention of guaranteeing greater opportunities for transparency and understanding of the respective proceedings.

The goal of the new leadership of the Ethics Committee was also to clarify some articles and definitions and to be more specific with respect to the conduct that is expected from persons bound by the code. The structure of the code has been revised in order to clarify the separation between the different steps of the proceedings. Similarly, the various infringements of the code have been reordered in order to better reflect the seriousness of each breach of the code.

Finally, please note that a circular was sent to all FIFA member associations on 27 July , summarising the various steps of the revision process, as well as the main changes included in the code. Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and their European partners have developed a new chemical system for storing solid hydrogen.

The special combination of hydrides allows overcoming some of the most serious drawbacks associated to the use of this class of materials. This represents a real milestone in the development of hydrogen storage technology for mobile and stationary applications. Claudio Pistidda at a diffractometer for testing new materials.

Hydrogen can be a climate and environmentally friendly carrier of energy if generated with the help of wind or solar energy. Unlike with conventional fuels, neither harmful carbon dioxide nor soot particles are released during its subsequent use. For mobile use, hydrogen is currently mostly stored in pressurized gas tanks, which have a fairly large volume and occupy respective space in the vehicles.

High pressures of up to bar are required for charging. To withstand these pressures, special tanks made of high-quality non-recyclable fiber reinforced polymeric materials have to be used. Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht have been working on the development of so-called solid state storage systems since the late 90s.


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In Geesthacht, they use innovative light metal-based systems for this purpose. Chapters on Other Injectable Substances; Landmark and Image Guided Injections Latest evidence in injection therapy literature Adapted and simplified practical sections Access to Musculoskeletal Injection Techniques Trainer — a virtual aid to test your anatomical and technical skills on the top most common injections for the upper and lower limbs and spine — perfect for self-testing and honing your skills!

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Brian James Abelson DC. An Integrated Approach to Disease. DeGowin's Diagnostic Examination Flashcards.