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He was released once and re-stranded, it is how he got his name. Do Puck and Roxanne remember those horrible catches, the screaming and the crying of the mothers deprived of their children? Do they remember all those companions who died next to them, or those babies, condemned to live a few days only in the chlorinated pool water?

A recent study showed that dolphins had a prodigious memory and could recognize the voice of old friends more than 20 years after being separated from them. In the wild, they mourn their deaths. Why is it important to tell those old stories? Because they are not old stories! Meanwhile, SeaWorld has already sponsored the capture of beluga whales in Russia. For the dolphins, the pain is still the same, in or in Emerging countries are now imposing to captives what we were imposing them in the 70s and 80s. The tragic story of the dolphins in Bruges illuminates the present times. This will happen tomorrow, and again and again, as long as the dolphinarium in Bruges and its colleagues of the EAZA will continue to claim that their aquatic circuses serve education, research and conservation.

We make a lot of money! Just do like us! If there are errors in this text, we thank in advance Bruges dolphinarium to kindly correct them. A little transparency always improves the image of a company. Thanks to Ceta Base for its help. Thanks to Christelle Bornauw for her excellent and courageous translation of this long article.

Boudewijn Seapark, le temps des captures. Process fails dolphins in Bruges.

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The life of Beachie. The medical exam took place at the Causus Clinic in Oudenburg. It seems the vet in charge, Piet De Laender, wanted to find out more about the age-related diseases amongst dolphins. For some time now, the trainers had noticed that Beachie was behaving differently.

Jeju / Südkorea – Massengrab Delfinarium

They contacted Piet De Laender Assebroek , a veterinarian specialized in exotic pets in who regularly checks on the inmates of the dolphinarium. The dolphin was sleeping half of the time and was no longer able to perform jumps during the shows. Piet de Laender has asked the University of Ghent to do a scan. But Beachie, who has become obese because of captivity, was too heavy to move. The doctor Koen Vandendriessche has warmly welcomed us.

The CT-scan went very well. According to the vet, Beachie is also the 1st dolphin that has ever experienced this type of exam. For a long-distance transport, dolphins are often kept one or two days out of the water. Waching with attention images of the video, it seems Beachie is completley stonned. He seems under tanquillizer. Not a move, not a thrill. But he is awake. As for Beachie, he regained his pool and joined again the 5 other dolphins of the Boudewijn Seapark. This is, anyway, the well-oiled official discourse of Captivity Industry.

It is clearly about transmitting to the public quite a few solid untruths. Just another old dolphin near to death.

Beachie was born in the Gulf of Mexico around After staying in Orlando, he was deported to the Harderwijk dolphinarium in and then shipped towards Belgium on the 18th of September , at the Boudewijn Seapark. And Beachie was also a great stallion. These deaths occurred in one of the 5 contiguous pools of Bruges, where you can hear, see and feel everything. And it is not funny to watch the agony of kids or teenagers, like poor Flo for example on the 6th of January , who died alone one night of a strange tooth infection, an infection that seems to affect also Morgan and a lot of captive cetaceans….

Since his transfer from Harderwijk to Bruges, Beachie was feeling lonely and sad. It was a shock for him. He suddenly found himself in a small, limited and dark environment. He was living in a sea pen under the sun and the wind in the Netherlands with several other males, and the poor Beachie had to learn new tricks, new ways to obey and to survive alone, isolated, along with aggressive dominant females and fearful juveniles , under the sinister dome of the Boudewijn Seapark. The air he was breathing was not the same either: Bad for your lungs when you are not used to it.

The trainers all think he is a little crazy. He is difficult and only does what he wants. Until recently, Beachie was receiving before each show up to 10 pills of Ciprofloxacin. Ten pills before the show, then 5 pills after and 5 more pills again for the second show. That is 20 doses of antibiotics a day. Ciprofloxacin INN is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic second generation. Its spectrum of activity covers most of the pathogenic bacteria responsible for respiratory, urinary, gastrointestinal and stomach infections.

In this case, the lungs seem to be the cause of the problem: At 31 years old?


Guide Delfinarium: Roman (German Edition)

In the wild, dolphins do not need any vet, pills or food additives. Their life is more dangerous: The fact that Puck is 47 is only exceptional because captive dolphins rarely reach that age. In Bruges, most of them died before Iris had been living for almost 12 years in the wild before being plunged into the hell of the Antwerp Zoo for more than 18 years, alongside with her son Ivo.

The Antwerp dolphinarium was closed in , under the pressure of various associations, including Dolphin Project, and the two survivors were sent to Germany. The decline and the death of Iris in were atrocious but ignored and wrongly attributed by the dolphinarium and by a certain press to leukemia due to age. What they forgot to mention is that several factors drastically reduce the quality of life and the life even of the captives. But the show must go on. The federal commission for the welfare of the dolphins in Bruges, which has been now working for 3 years, will probably not say anything else when its findings will be made public and approved by the State.

He will be replaced, like he himself replaced Tex. Others will die again, others will be deported. Children will be taken away from their mothers, separated from them forever. A terrible pain, as dolphins are tied together with an intensity that we cannot even conceive. They suffer from boredom, and of course from the lack of space and occupations, but their body also suffers from the inadequate environment in which they are forced to live: At last, they suffer also from a nagging hunger that makes them obey and repeat times the same silly tricks in front of a misinformed public.

Beachie will perform Christmas show when sick.

Dolphinarium, St. Petersburg: Address, Dolphinarium Reviews: 5/5

And whatever the leaders of Bruges say, he is a young adult, as wild dolphins in natural conditions reach 50 years. So how can you explain that dolphins protected from their predators and from the pollution systematically die with rare exceptions before the age of 30? The Boudewijn Seapark is a business indispensable to employment in the region.

It benefits also from political supports. The whole case is tricky. So the leaders of the park seem to still have a bright future ahead of them, at least as long as this ultra-capitalist logic will prevail. If everything goes according to plan, he should also be joining the big Christmas show. And, according to another trainer in Bruges: La vie de Beachie, reproducteur. Il faut fermer le delphinarium de Bruges.

A technique of training specific to the Boudewijn Seapark which lack of space and must manage 6 dolphins in front in a single basin during the show. See the Dolphin on the right, open mouth, begging: French article translated by Christelle Bornauw. B ite Back et le delphinarium. Bite Back devant le Boudewijn Seapark. En bassin, les delphines sont comme des vaches reproductrices. Elle vient de lancer un site: Comment Puck a-t-elle pu tenir si longtemps? Beachie, lui, ne va pas bien. Jurnal ini bertujuan untuk mengembangkan konsep, teori, perspektif, paradigma, dan metodologi dalam kajian ilmu pendidikan guru sekolah dasar.

The Sosio Religi Journal contains articles that are taken from research results original paper. Jurnal Pendidikan Non Formal dan Informal sebagai jurnal pendidikan sosial dan pembangunan masyarakat yang mempublikasikan hasil penelitian dan artikel dalam kajian pendidikan orang dewasa, pendidikan sepanjang hayat, penyelenggaraan pendidikan dan pembelajaran dalam setting pendidikan nonformal dan informal. Terbit dua kali setahun pada bulan April dan Oktober, berisi tulisan yang diangkat dari hasil penelitian, gagasan konseptual, aplikasi teori dan kajian analitis kritis di bidang fesyen mode busana, pembuatan busana, desain busana, tekstil, kriya tekstil, dan tata rias.

Fesyen Persfektif menampilkan hasil kajian yang membuktikan bahwa fashion sebagai kebutuhan utama manusia mengalami perkembangan dan perubahan. Kecenderungan perubahannya meliputi berbagai aspek yang melingkupi kehidupan manusia. Pelaku fashion khususnya para akademisi bidang fashion memberikan perhatianya dengan mengkaji kreatifitas, aspek fungsional dan aspek estetik dari fashion.

Jurnal PAUD Agapedia adalah jurnal yang mempublikasikan hasil-hasil kajian dan penelitian terkait pendidikan anak usia dini dari perspektif mutidisipliner. Jurnal ini bertujuan untuk memperluas dan menciptakan inovasi konsep, teori, paradigma, perspektif dan metodologi dalam mengembangkan pendidikan anak usia dini.

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Teori Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2. Cakupan dari jurnal ini meliputi kajian tentang Pendidikan Jasmani, Inovasi Pembelajaran di Bidang Pendidikan jasmani dan Olah Raga serta kajian tentang Kesehatan dan kebugaran Jasmani. The editorial board welcomes submissions of papers describing recent research such as theoretical articles, research articles, practice-oriented articles, and paper or book reviews.

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